Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kelly Nitchie

Kelly was super easy to work with.  We had a great afternoon a few weeks ago deciding on how he wanted to present himself with his new headshots.  And even more fun was the shoot itself! We got some great shots, and here are our faves.  Break a leg out there Kelly!

Monday, July 14, 2014

UIRC Hunt Tests at Black Creek B.C.

Ok - there are times when I can't believe that this is my job.  I have been shooting for 16 years and it still blindsides me sometimes how very fortunate I am to do what I do.  I was invited by the Upper Island Retriever Club to be their exclusive photographer at their inaugural Hunt Test event in Black Creek B.C.. What an incredible time I had.  The scenery was beyond breath taking, the people were kind and generous, but the absolute delight of my 5 days up there were the incredible dogs and their handlers. I was so blown away by these incredible dogs and how beautiful and capable they were.  The level of training it takes to get dogs to perform and achieve at this level is mind blowing.  Is it bad that I find myself using some hand signs on my daughter?  Maybe I can get her to tidy up more with the right hand commands!
I shot for 4 days though rain and blistering heat and came away absolutely exhausted, but exhilarated. After shooting thousands of images, they are finally online for viewing.  But here are a few of my favourites from the Masters stake on the first day. 
Thank you so much to Kathy and Barb, Maureen and Lyall and everyone else who made it possible to be there.  It will go down in my books as one of the cooler shoots that I have done!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Isabel Carter

I love working with the talented young people that go through the Company of Rogues classes. They have a focus that is rare, and are just so much fun to shoot! Isabel was no exception and I love the final shots that we got! Thanks so much for a fun shoot - and break a leg out there!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We connect to each other in so many different ways. Through our voices, our words and our images, we forge bridges to one another. I am always so touched when I am asked to help the connection through images.  This session with Lauren was a birthday present for her fiancee and we had a blast shooting it. Here are a few of our fave images!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cole Vandale

Cole has a fabulous burgeoning career, and I was pleased to be chosen to do his new headshots. We laughed - a lot and these are the shots that came out of it! Look for Cole on Hell on Wheels as well as other projects.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Jessie on AARCS

I saw a sneak peek of Jessie before I met her, and fell in love with her markings! She is puppy through and through and I loved all her puppy kisses and nibbles. Her profile is on AARCS, but here is a preview.  Please help her find her amazing Fur-Ever home!

Hello! My name is Jessie and I am an 8 week old bull terrier X. My mom was rescued right before I was born. Me and all my litter mates got to spend the first 8 weeks together with mom in a very loving home. Now that we are older we are ready to find a family to call our own.

I love to cuddle! I hope you don’t mind because I plan on being a lap dog forever! This has been very easy so far considering how cute I am. I mean really, look at this little wrinkly face, how can you resist me. 

My foster parents say I am a great little pup. I haven’t had an accident in the house yet…although they do put me outside every hour…I don’t ever have a second to even try and pee on their carpet. They even wake me up in the middle of the night to take me outside, come on now…let a girl sleep! I do have a ton of energy around 6:00AM so I hope you are ready to start your day. My foster mom has been taking me to work every day and I sure love meeting everyone and all their dogs. When they do leave me at home they put me in this contraption called a crate…I cry for a little while but eventually just fall asleep!
I really can’t wait to meet my furever family so hurry up and apply to adopt me.
See you soon, 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Diana Polowick

I had so much fun with Diana when she came in for her headshots.  It is always nice to help someone recognize their good qualities and Diana looks gorgeous.  Here are our faves! I love the range we got!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bella - AARCS

 Sweet ball of fluff, shy but transforming, reaching out a paw - ready to be loved.  This is Bella. :)

Bella was surrendered from a home that had 7 female cats and she was highly stressed and withdrawn when she first came to AARCS.
Since being in a foster home – Bella has made huge progress. For the first few weeks – she hid and did not allow anyone to touch her. Now she has learned to trust and loves to be petted and tickled under the chin. She is a very gentle cat and although she may be a little shy at first – once she realizes she is not in danger – she loves to follow you around ​ and be fussed over.
Bella has got a long with all the other cats in the home – and currently lives in a home with a Golden Retriever. Bella would do best in a home that is not really noisy – as she tends to like quiet and calm! If you are looking to give a home to gentle, loving cat – come visit Bella.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Journey - AARCS

Many of you may have seen the story about Journey on the news a few weeks ago. It touched my heart, but when I met him, he stole it completely! You would never know what he has gone through - a gentle, sweet and lovely puppy.  Here's his story - Journey is available for adoption on the AARCS site.
Hi everyone! My name is Journey. I had a rough start at life, I was found in a leg hold trap but some amazing people came to my rescue. It hasn’t taken me long to feel better with all the love I’ve received.
Did I mention, I love people! I can’t stop wagging my tail! I wiggle with excitement constantly. Will you be the one to give me my fill of belly rubs??
I live with a dog they call, “Sykes” she is so much fun to play with. I like the little chihuahua to but he doesn’t want to play. The cats are comical when they spit at me but who would want to play with someone who spits at you anyway.
I love to go on walks with my foster mom and dad, I’m still learning why I can't pull on the leash. My recall is pretty good but I mostly follow Sykes lead.
I’m kennel trained, I sleep through the night and I’m very consistent with my house training, I’m super smart! I’m learning sit and lay down but make sure you have treats on hand.
I’m just waiting for a family to give my love and companionship too. I’m a fun loving, heart melting guy that will be at your side. Can’t wait to meet my furever family, love Journey.